Rebecca has written across a broad spectrum of topics, beats and styles. As a feature and magazine writer, op-ed writer, blogger, staff writer and web editor, she has received critical acclaim for her breaking-news coverage and in-depth research. Rebecca has also appeared on both television and radio programs in multiple countries.

An upbeat and sometimes even humorous speaker, Rebecca has addressed groups ranging in age from 3-80 on topics concerning Israel, the Middle East, and the Jewish world. In addition to her own public speaking, Rebecca has also advised numerous members of Knesset on speechwriting, primarily for English-speaking audiences.

In addition to speaking and policy analysis, Rebecca is also a PhD candidate in political history at Johns Hopkins. Her research concerns decline, identity and political valancing,  with particular interest in the intersection of political economy and identities in decline. Kibbutzim and the American family farm form the basis for her scholarly inquiry.

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